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Conchita Menendez

We inaugurate this website, exclusively dedicated to my fans and their accessories

I have finally fulfilled an old wish. We inaugurate a new website, exclusively dedicated to Fans and their accessories, with the most beautiful fans in Spain!!



I encourage you to browse it and take a look at my products.

Abanicos llenos de color

They are all handmade in Valencia (Spain), with a lot of love and promoting ecology and sustainability to the best of my ability. All the dyes are eco-friendly, the woods are sustainable and the silk and cotton are 100% organic.

Abanicos llenos de color

They are fans and covers full of colour, cheerful, modern and different.

They are
meant to be worn and with a little care they will last for many years.

Abanicos llenos de color

We’ve also added new ways to pay, like Google Pay and Apple Pay, which I hope will make the checkout process easier and increase buyer confidence.

In order to do our part to improve sustainability, I ask that if you are not going to use or collect my fans, do not buy them!

And don’t forget that they refresh without wasting energy or using batteries!

fundas abanicos

I hope you
like it!!

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