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Conchita Menendez

Hand Painted Silk Fans

Ecological fans made of wood and natural silk. Painted and handmade in Spain. Each fan is one of a kind.
Moabi wood, also known as Ayap or African Pearwood. It is a wood of extraordinary quality, heavy, hard, with a straight grain and fine grain.
The fabric is 100% Natural Silk in Crêpe fabric, light, soft and resistant, due to the peculiar twist of its fibers. All dyes are eco-friendly.
Small, medium or big size, (7.5 – 9 – 10.6 inch in length).
They are hand-painted by me with all my love and according to my mood, taking care of all the details so that they last for many years.
The fans have the quality seal of “aea” (Guild of Master Fan Makers of Valencia) engraved on the wood with the text “Spanish Fan”, which guarantees that they are made by hand in Spain.

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