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Conchita Menendez

Ecological Art Nouveau style flowers hand Fan: Spring Beauty

  • Ecological Fan of Lily flowers in Art Nouveau style of the highest quality. Exclusive design. Perfect gift for a lady.
  • Medium size (9” in length).
  • SIPO wood, with FSC C150054 certificate, which guarantees its origin from well-managed forests, without varnish and polished by hand. It is a tropical African wood, fine to medium grained, long-grained and often slightly interlocked. She is very pretty.
  • The fabric is 100% organic cotton, with eco-friendly dyes.


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  • Being the cotton thicker than silk and also new, the pleating is tighter and the fan needs to be used for a longer time until it opens and closes smoothly.
  • The modernist style images are ours, carefully worked so that the printing on the cotton is perfect and the image on the back is the same as the one on the front.
  • The Fan has the quality seal of “aea” (Guild of Master Fan Makers of Valencia) engraved on the wood with the text “Spanish Fan”, which guarantees that it is made by hand in Spain.
  • A 100% organic cotton cover with our logo is included.
  • It is a fan designed to last for many years as long as care is taken to keep it in its case.
  • It is the perfect gift for a woman, of any age and on all occasions.
  • It is the ideal accessory to elegantly cool off when you are hot, and can be used in any circumstance. It does not consume electricity or have a battery!!